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Voicemail Tools - on the net

We've rounded up our favorite voicemail related tools from around the net.  

Area Code Map - clickable map of the U.S. with detailed state-by-state area code information.

Area Code Listing - A basic area-code listing by number.

FoneFinder - Find the city associated with a given area code and prefix.

Local Calling Area Guide - Very Cool.  Use to determine the local calling area for any telephone number.  Find out if that local voicemail number is a local call for you and your customers. Very Cool. - Discover words and phrases that correspond to a telephone number or type in letters to get the corresponding number.  Also check toll-free number availability. - Most telephone numbers spell a number of different words and names.  Check out yours here.

Toll-Free Number Lookup Tool (by ATT) - Determine available toll-free numbers or check vanity number availability.

Verizon Vanity Number Tool - Enter your telephone number to determine which words it can spell or enter your favorite words to find out which telephone numbers they represent.


Internet Telephone Directories

AnyWho - AT&T's internet yellow pages, white pages, and telephe directory.


Internet 800 Directory - A listing of toll-free numbers listed by category, company name, state, and 800 number.

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