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Service Benefits

Directory of Voicemail Service Providers

Benefits of Voicemail Service

No More Busy Signals

A key benefit of utilizing a voicemail service (over purchasing their own system) is one often overlooked.  Most businesses acquire voicemail to ensure their callers never receive a busy signal.  However, if all your lines are busy then there is no way for callers to connect with your onsite voicemail equipment.  The only way to provide voicemail when all of your telephone lines are busy is through an offsite voicemail service.

Extremely Cost Effective

Another benefit is that voicemail services are extremely cost effective.  The alternative is to purchase a voicemail system for thousands of dollars and then connect it to your telephone system.  Most companies would need to add a telephone line to ensure availability of voicemail for customers and offsite employees.  But, with the simple addition of a single telephone line you would have to spend more on a monthly basis than a typical service fee.  Let's look at a few of the other expenses:

  • If you purchase a voicemail system, you have to pay a large upfront purchase price.
  • You have to either hire someone capable of maintaining it, or pay for a service and support contract.
  • You have to purchase extra telephone lines to accommodate the voicemail traffic and you'll need an outside access line so that employees can check messages from outside the office.
  • When you outgrow the system or want  to receive updated technology you will have to perform a "forklift" upgrade (complete system replacement).  The average lifespan for this equipment is roughly 8 years.

Inexpensive Telephone Number

Yet another benefit is that you can purchase telephone numbers with connected voicemail that doesn't ring into your facility.  Voicemail services include a personal telephone number that rings directly into your voicemail system.  In many cases, you can even request multiple telephone numbers that are direct-dial numbers, ringing directly into an individual's virtual office mailbox.  This is perfect for ad response numbers and many small or home businesses realize this is far more cost effective than installing additional telephone lines.  

Directory of Voicemail Service Providers


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